Snow Angel

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Yup! Created a Blog

Finally, there came a good day , that is 21-Jan-2010,I created a space for me in the bloggers world. I said loudly twice 'u did it' as if i have made something possible which is categorized as impossible.

First and foremost , i would like to thank two great minds who motivated me on this never ending journey, my brother - in-law , Mr.Senthil Kumar and my cousin Ms.Kalaivani,who is one of the great bloggers in my family,also with much praised 'imsaiarasi' and 'manithakurangu'.

So, i feel good for having been a member of this blogger world.


  1. Wow! A wonderful post to start With Akka! You have quite a good writing style, and thanks for the praise!..Though its not true entirely.
    All the best & Happy Blogging Dear Akka!