Snow Angel

Thursday, January 28, 2010

About the "MATRIARCH" of our family

I wish to dedicate this to my "Kothai Atthai ", who is simply the greatest person I ever met in my life. Iam proud being her lovable kin ever.

"Selfless Service" is her way of life and has helped many of her siblings to achieve great success in their life. She helped not only her family people but also others who are in need.She wrapped our family with her unconditional love and affection, after the sudden demise of my father. Since then, I got a wondeful chance to being with her and set her up as my role model.

She is hard working and always strives for perfection. Although having a fortune of wealth, she always leads a simple lifestyle.She is well known ,among the family members,for her kindness and generosity. She is more enthusiastic and always makes her presence much lively in all the functions and gatherings.

She is dynamic, much cheerful and always confronts the reality.After recovering from a major heart surgery few years back, she is doing great now, packed with tremendous energy and will power.That's my atthai!!!

I always admire my atthai, who is in her early 70's now.
Iam thankful to God for having been with her now and ever.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Yup! Created a Blog

Finally, there came a good day , that is 21-Jan-2010,I created a space for me in the bloggers world. I said loudly twice 'u did it' as if i have made something possible which is categorized as impossible.

First and foremost , i would like to thank two great minds who motivated me on this never ending journey, my brother - in-law , Mr.Senthil Kumar and my cousin Ms.Kalaivani,who is one of the great bloggers in my family,also with much praised 'imsaiarasi' and 'manithakurangu'.

So, i feel good for having been a member of this blogger world.